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College Advising: How to Succeed in the US

The college application is a complex process that involves many multi-layered and time-consuming stages. Our team of advisors has over 30 years of experience in customized high school planning and college admission guidance. Over the years we have found that the best results come from intensive, one-on-one meetings.

In our specialized program, each student is paired with an advisor. The advisor works closely with the student to increase the probability of college acceptance in the United States and to find the best fit so that they get the most out of their educational experience. Much of our work is done virtually, so the meeting times can be flexible and fit perfectly with the student’s schedule. We typically start to work with students on this during the second half of a student’s junior year of high school. 

Topics that may be covered between the student and College Counselor include:

  1. Developing a list of schools specific to each student’s profile
  2. Writing a strategic, polished essay
  3. Filling out the Common Application
  4. Demonstrating an interest to schools before and after you apply
  5. Preparing for the interview
  6. Strategies to make your application stand out

Your child should plan on weekly planning sessions with his or her college advisor from the initial introduction in the winter of the junior to year of high school to the final submission of his or her applications the following winter.