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June 2, 2014: Suzanne Fox was a featured guest on MPBN's radio show, Maine Calling. To listen to the show, click here.

I had the pleasure of traveling with Suzanne and administrators from four other New England schools on a delegation to China in November. I was very excited to be there for my school (Vermont Commons School in Burlington), and I wanted to share the excitement.

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to venture to the booming industrial city of Tangshan in northeastern China. I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of more than 30 high school students about my approach for getting accepted into top-tier U.S. colleges and universities.

One never knows where our conversations will drift to. Case in point, did you know that the American epic, "Gone with the Wind" was translated by one single Chinese word, 飄 piāo, which means "to float"? So much can either be lost in communication... or be so concise and precise that a single word punctuates its translation!

I am sitting at a banquet table in the ancient city of Xi’An as glasses are raised and “gambei” is hollered by all. It’s mid-January, the week before Chinese New Year and celebration is in the air.

The interconnectedness of today’s world requires a greater sense of cross-cultural competency.  With the longest continuous history of any country, and complex economic, political, and social issues, a comprehensive understanding of China can provide tremendous opportunities.

We organize quarterly networking roundtables in Portland, Maine. These events are open to a wide audience of educators, business leaders and people across the spectrum to provide a forum to learn about current topics in Chinese life, business, politics and society.