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The Sister School Initiative

Building sister school relationships between New England and China is the very bedrock of the work we do. We take pride in developing thoughtful and long-lasting partnerships that pair Chinese and American schools and colleges sharing common interests and goals.

Relationships are particularly important in China, where 'guanxi' forms a vital strand of social life. Sending one’s child to the other side of the world to enroll in a high school is a daunting concept for any parent. By taking part in a sister school program, students in China get a chance to visit Americans school and experience first-hand the culture. Similarly, American students have the opportunity to live with host families in China, study the language and experience the culture in a real and intimate way.

The peer-to-peer relationships developed through these programs help to break down cultural barriers, stereotypes and misperceptions. Beyond the student level, there is also the opportunity for faculty exchange between the two schools.

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