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Faculty Training + Student Orientation

Faculty Training

We work closely with schools on the cultural aspects of their international programs. The purpose of these seminars is to provide understanding of cultural differences so that faculty and staff can help Chinese students succeed.

Typical problems which arise in the academic setting and which our seminars address, include:

• Understanding the Chinese concept of “face” or the significant roles honor and shame play in Chinese culture
• Encouraging student interaction and integration inside the classroom and socially/on campus
• Asian communication styles
• Strategies for encouraging classroom discussion and participation

Student Orientation Workshops

Arriving on a quiet high school or college campus can be an extremely lonely and disorienting experience for a student from China. Most students are accustomed to living in cities of at least 15 million. This seminar is specifically designed to make each incoming foreign student feel more at ease in their new environment and gives students the tools they need to achieve success while studying in the U.S. Specific topics addressed include:

• Classroom behavior and expectations
• Student-teacher relationships
• The importance of extra–curricular activities and dorm life

In addition, these seminars provide an overview to American culture addressing such topics as family values and religion, the media and sports and recreation.