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The Roadmap

Step One: Starting Early: Creating Your Personal College ‘Roadmap’

We believe that students need to start thinking as early as their freshman or sophomore year about their college "roadmap". The College Roadmap is a personal planner that provides step by step advice on how to help your child find his or her inner voice, develop areas of interest and unique qualities as well as specific advice on how to plan your child’s high school experience.  Good grades and good SAT scores are only the beginning of what top US universities are looking for.  Beyond your child’s high school transcript, what else does your child have to offer?  

What extracurricular activities does he or she participate in?  What community service or volunteer groups is he or she involved in?  Music programs? Arts?  What clubs and activities does he or she participate in and what about summer programs? These are all key ingredients to creating an exciting and impressive college application package.   TheRoadmap outlines year-by-year goals throughout your child’s high school journey.  We will help your child come up with a clear and understandable “game plan” that they can develop throughout high school.   

Step Two: The College Application Process:  Junior and Senior Year - click here