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It was an enticingly warm, spring-like evening when Yaji took over ThinkTank in Portland’s arts district in March. Lanterns were hanging at the main entrance in celebration of this being the final day of the Chinese Lunar New Year—a sense of newness permeating the air.

  • Guest Blog: So Much Pun!
    The Chinese have so many puns and play on words. Nearly every Chinese word has multiple homophones, two or multiple words that sound similar but have different meanings, like "hare" and "hair". The phrase 雙關語... read more
  • Guest Blog: Using Cultural Idioms with Awareness
    Our first gathering after the summer hiatus took place at the new offices of Fox Intercultural overlooking Congress Street near Monument Square. We felt like China's great emperors as we looked down... read more
  • Guest Blog: A Tangshan Adventure

    Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to venture to the booming industrial city of Tangshan in northeastern China. I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of more than 30 high school students about my approach for getting accepted into top-tier U... read more

  • Guest Blog: Chinese Roundtable Blog
    A few new people came to our first gathering in June, so we did introductions (jiè shào). Once again, the Chinese language is... read more
  • Guest Blog: Old Port Conversations
    One never knows where our conversations will drift to. Case in point, did you know that the American epic, "Gone with the Wind" was translated by one single Chinese word, 飄 piāo, which means "to float"? So... read more
  • Best Practices for International Student Coordinators

    This month, I was lucky to lead a workshop series in schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut—where international student coordinators came together to sit around a table and share best practices. The workshop series began several years ago when... read more